I'm Alive

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Jay Sean - Maybe

Been a bit overworked since last week. Have worked 8 days straight,although the first two days were just late night shifts. Didn't feel too tired, perhaps I'm more psychologically prepared than last time. I don't really mind working. Life will be all about work very soon, doesn't matter if getting started sooner..

There are many many things to do about my dolls...Should at least get some sandings done for floating heads that have been sitting there for several months..even more than a year...But I'm not very enthusiastic about this right now..I would rather sit in front of the computer watching TV shows or reading jokes...

I've tried this hoodie on Eli for several times but never took any photos. I quite like the design but don't know if black suits him..He's as bright as the sunshine, makes me happy everytime I see him...

My neck nearly broke after these photos...







A friend told me to not waste my time on thinking of some cr*p...I'll try...
It's just that sometimes you know the principle but it's not easy to follow it...
I just don't understand why bother to pretend to be a good person while you are actually dark and mean?!
I'm still regretful about how stupid I was. You never understand. You helped them out but in fact they hate you to death, gossiping making up stories behind your back. Some people just don't deserve your kindness.