Moving on...

Category : Austin
The end of year holiday is officially over. I have no more excuses to be lazy..even tho I didn't take a proper break around the new year period at all...
Got a few things done today and that was it.

Have been working like a dog over the past week. Tired...psychologically tired...I'm getting more and more sick of serving other ppl, especially some of them can really piss you off, either because they are rude or ignorant and your brain is screaming "this person is totally an idiot", but you can't argue with them as your position wouldn't let you do so.

More and more responsibilities...more and more burden on shoulder..well...this is something gotta happen as you get old...

Perhaps I will be regretful soon..by choosing not to take a holiday trip after finishing uni...

Enough nonsense..back to dolls...

Here's Austin, long time no see.^^

Thanks heapsssss to KEN for helping me out with him.^^

He's a hot one. I would definitely put him in suits next time.XD

No matter how exhausted and frustrated I get..listening to some music and looking at their photos can always calm me down.
Thank god I still have them...