Category : Eliot
I was going to order some new wigs the other day but wasn't sure about the size, so I quickly tried a large SD sized and a small SD sized wig on Eli..I was very surprised how the wig looked on him...So today I decided to take some photos of him even tho it's pretty cloudy and dark outside.

I kept telling my friend that I'm not a huge fan of School A. This is true in general...I wouldn't just want to get a blank School A head and do something about it like my other dolls. Honestly I still have hard feelings about Eli. He was totally an accident. I've never thought about getting a School A but still went for Eli. Although there were many uncertainties in my mind back then, I loved his look and needed a doll somewhat healing. I definitely admit that taking photos of him is a real enjoyable thing to me..-W-

Perhaps I could have done better with these photos but the weather made me tired easily..so...that's it...

He's still sweet like a lollypop...love him in pink and the flower shirt~hehe...^-^

The end of year exams are very tough...I gotta study hard for them...