New School Starts Tomorrow...

I brought no dolls with me, should have felt lucky doing so, as it was a very dramatic.. unforgettable experience travelling to NY...
It officially took me and my colleague more than one day to get to NY. We had to fly to Sydney at 6am on Saturday first, then Syd to LA. We boarded the flight like 2 min before the gate closed cos we were stupidly waiting on getting our Boost and didn't notice the time! Then, we missed our flight in LA as it took too long for us to go thru the customs. Cool. Then we had to take another flight from LA to San Fran. After we landed in San Fran we had to go straight on the next flight from San Fran to NY...We finally arrived in NY at 8pm local time...It was already 10am on Sunday in Melbourne...Our luggage arrived before us cos they were on the LA-NY flight. We were lucky enough to find them...

The school in NY starts tomorrow. I have just finished 16 clinical weeks at Uni, and will be having another 4 weeks clinic here in NY...so 20 weeks of uni non-stop...Dear I seriously need a break from the human eyes...

I'm really looking forward to travel by myself after the externship. Doll wise..just wishing to visit the Volks LA store...I need a doll stand and it costs like a hell to ship from Japan to Aus...orz|||