If I Could Find The Way To Your Heart...

Category : 发发/Raven
Thought I found a doll scaled door yesterday but somehow the lock looks too big...>''<
The staff at the shop I went to looked at me like I was a freak when I was paying...The "what the hell are you buying this thing for" look on her face really impressed me...- -
I haven't taken such photos for a longggggg time. I've been dressing all my dolls mostly in suits in the past year. I love suits and think they give a man the most perfect look however...Raven's too hot that makes me wanna be evil and "expose" his body..>''<
I wanna try glasses on him as well, he looks very "kichiku" that I reckon glasses would be the best accessory for him. Too bad, all the glasses I have are too big for Heath! Not happy!~_~

If I could find the way to your heart...
If I could open the door to your heart...
You never give me a chance...