Category : Diary
I really really want to take some photos this Sunday. I really hope I can.

Work, hanging out with people, and other hobbies took up most of my time.

It's been a long time since I last took photos of my dolls properly.
At one stage I was actually thinking of selling them all, clothes, shoes, accessories, everything. Because I will never have the time to photograph all the things I bought, and I have to face the reality.
The reality is that I am on my own with no excuse to ask for help.
I am not doing very well this year, didn't buy many "unnecessary" things but run short financially all the time. This year I did not spend much on this hobby at all. On the other hand, I'm not very interested in it anymore, far less crazy as before.

I didn't sell them though, or maybe, I haven't.
I love them, love every single one of them that am reluctant to let them go at the moment. I have never sold my own dolls since I liked Heath. Each one of them is precious to me for the time, the effort and the $$ I spent on them.
I scrolled down the list but could not decide which one to let go. It's too hard for me at this stage.
If I ever sell my dolls I would wipe most of their faceups off, although they probably worth nothing without their faceups as I modded most of them...I know this sounds silly but I will feel uneasy to see them in other people's place with their existing "faces". Again it's because of all the effort I spent...Even those outfits and accessories I bought...I like them so much that I couldn't let them go...

If you stepped in too deep it's hard to get out.
Just like many things, goods, etc I bought many years ago. I should have sold them because I don't even look at them now, but whenever I look at them, I miss the old days that I used to love them...then couldn't sell again...= =;;;

Though no more new dolls, I still have the plan of getting one or two's faceups redone later.=w=

Indeed it's hard to get out...

Not now.