One and Only...

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Riz ft. untitled - The Only One
Hot song!><


Thanks to the lovely Australian customs who opened the parcel and had a thorough inspection that caused a delay...-_,-
His head has been sitting at the post office for the entire week before I could go and pick him up today...= =

I've been loving this mould almost ever since I got my first doll...When I got a chance for the first time a long time ago I was so silly and let it slipped away. Then it was probably a punishment that even though I've tried a few times afterwards I just couldn't get myself one and moreover...I had to go through a hell lot of awful experience before I finally got him...
The thing is...at the end of the day, you cannot do anything but shrug and say to yourself a word..."whatever".

Yeah whatever who cares.emo_014.gif

First time working with June. Thanks heaps for the faceup.><

Perhaps my past experience was there to warn me that he is the one...and only...
That's enough for me.

My lazy gene was in charge again...don't know why the weather always chooses to be bad on weekends...T____T
Hope the weather can be nicer tomorrow.