The Rebirth of Northy!!!

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Song of the day: Eminem - Mockingbird
An old song but haha I just like its title!

Geezuz I'm so excited!!!XDDDDD
I've been waiting for this for so long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last time I played with him was almost 2 yrs ago. Then just for a variety of reasons I wasn't satisfied with him back then. I think it was the lips and the faceup style...I gave the wrong instruction...TAT I don't really like the original Heath's lips.>< So I removed his faceup and remodified him. Then I waited and waited for someone I truly like and could help me out with him.
Then it took half years for me to wait for the actual faceup to be done.><
I nearly burst into tears when I saw the final photos of his faceup!!!!!!!!!!!
When he was finally in the Melbourne messenger centre I begged my friend :"Please please the parcel that's gonna arrive tomorrow morning is real important to me. Please do not miss the delivery!">< My friend was so kind she chased the postman when he was about to leave and got the parcel for me. Then I couldn't wait for the weekend to come I just rushed to her house after work like 10pm on Monday night to pick him up!

I've been wishing for a Heath with a soulful face like the present Northy for a long long time.

I'm so proud of Northy! He brightened my entire week!

Most of my dolls are modified by myself and painted by kind artists I really like. Usually I spend a lot of time in each step. Hence every single one of them is unique and meaningful to me. Surely each one of them is my favourite!>o<

Geminis are like this. We dedicate all ourselves into something we like at the moment. No matter what others may think.^^

Just couldn't be happier!!!><







↓↓↓ My current desktop wallpaper!!!>o<