Category : Lil Wockiez
Chilling out...

I can't withdraw myself from this song...
H-Eugene - 그댄 내 가슴에 (feat. Danny of 1TYM)



Lil Wockiez

Category : Lil Wockiez
Woke up at 7 o'clock and went "OMG I'm late for work"!! Jumped out of the bed then realised "hang on don't I have today off?"...so I went to bed again and woke up 2 hrs later with a massive headache...I'm so not used to having a weekday off...><

There's Lil Wockiez...name inspired by my favourite dance crew..=w=

I've had him for 2 yrs, didn't send him for a faceup until recently...
Initially I would like him to be the younger version of Southy however never got a chance..At one point I even wanted to sell him but I could not resist the cute School D mould so gave up..u_u
Maybe he's better off just to be himself.><

Long weekend after 2 days! Yay!!