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Haven't touched my Heaths for months...



First Week Out..

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Weekends are the most precious thing in the world...This is all I am thinking of...=_=




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On the 1st of this month some of my friends wrote on facebook saying "spring time now"...I didn't pay too much attention to this because I didn't feel a thing.
My eyes felt itchy since Thursday that I had to rub them vigorously and I also sneezed while driving on the countryside freeway. This morning I woke up with lots of sneezing...Now I'm sure it's real springtime now...TAT
Spring is a disaster for me...and each year it just gets worse!

Anyway, I tried to find an opportunity to get Westy to wear a fur wig and dress him in suits to prove that he belongs to my family.XD

Still overloaded and stressed right now..but hope things will get better this month...



Pirate or Robber?XD

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I seldom use wigs on my dolls. For some reason I just don't feel they look right in wigs. All of my dolls have small faces which means when they wear wigs, the wig will cover most of the face..and I'm always so dumb at styling wigs...making my dolls look even more awful in wigs...
But this guy is totally different!! I have taken photos of him twice, and used wigs on him both times. I am really surprised to see how well he could handle wigs, and moreover, this outfit.>< I just pulled him out randomly and put the outfit on him, he certainly demonstrated how confident he was.XD
This is not my usual style. I have not tried fur wigs nor suits on him yet. Do you really belong to my family Westy??XDDDDD

Many pictures this time. I was way too happy taking pictures!




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He's finally back today..took me more than a year to get at least his head finished.
Custom and faceup by Masaka. Thank you so much for your beautiful work, and the lovely necklace.

There is a long long story behind him...I saw him at the marketplace in Nov 2008, fullset, almost brand new. I was so into Heath back then. So I quickly contacted the seller. She was a very sweet girl who was from WA and studied in RMIT. She had some personal issues to deal with after my payment. It was quite complex. Then she vanished. I was very frustrated, worried, almost angry because I have made my payment but could not get in contact with the seller. Early 2009 her sister took over her business, emailed me and sent the doll to me from Japan. I was on holiday then! So I asked two of my friends in Melbourne to helped me with the doll. However they were not me and had a different residential address, so they could not pick up the doll for me. It was a hot summer in Melbourne and they went to my house several times despite how busy they were. In the end they made a letter "on my behalf" and picked the doll up. The doll was about to be sent back to the sender...I was really really thankful for their effort.
I got to see him in Feb 2009 after I came back from holiday. He was the first and only Heath in default faceup I have ever seen in person. I wanted to try to modify Heath's lips by myself, he was the first one I practised on. Unfortunately it was unsuccessful because I had no idea what to do and did it in a wrong way. It was a late night when I damaged him...I had an agreement with KEN my fav faceup artist that I was going to send a doll head to her, but I have damaged him, so I sent Ryoya instead. Later on I sent him to my agent in Japan who helped me to exchange a new head from Volks. I got him back later in the year, but was kinda afraid to touch him again. Early this year I sent him to Masaka, another faceup artist whom I also like very much for his modification and faceup. I got him back today...

That was a long story wasn't it? XD I have not always been unlucky with him. There would be no Ginon if I did not damage him...hummmm....><
Anyways it is cheerful enough to have him here eventually...