A Little Surprise This Morning...

Category : 小南/Southy
For the "Nth" time I was woken up by EMS delivery this morning...I got up with a serious headache, quickly signed, dropped the box on the floor and went to bed again...

After I got up again I found a little surprise inside the box. Guess Southy could be the best one to model for it?XD

Watching pictures of JGL made me fall even more in love with suits..T T



Almost There...

Category : 小南/Southy
Are we set?



Glad to See You Again...

Category : 小南/Southy
I'm falling in love with an old song called "Thinking About You" by Blazin' Squad. I was inspired by this song so wanted to take photos of one of my boy in this kind of style. Of course my first choice is always Ginon...but then I wanted to show I was not ignoring my Heaths...so yeah...I chose this boy.
I have not taken proper photos of him for a long time...
I could not work the wig out so I switched to a fur wig later on. I am very dumb at using wigs.= =