You Got Me Gone...

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Nelly (ft. Kelly Rowland)- Gone

They say this song is "Dilemma Part 2"...

I heard this song for the first time when I was driving in a tunnel on Friday night. I could barely breathe when the music started. It caught me instantly. The song was played for a few seconds then got cut by the tunnel control room telling drivers be careful etc...I went...$#%*^#*...
Lucky I still remembered some of the lyrics so I could find this song later.

Initially I was thinking of taking extra shots of Syou in a different style...but apparently he looked a bit too mature for that style..Maybe I'll leave it for other younger looking guys.
The question is...Do I really have "younger looking" guys??@w@??



Some Updates of Syou...

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At the beginning of the year I said I gotta take photos of him more often this year. But then the only time I took him out for photos was back in April orz||| Even today was like very quick shots as I just missed taking photos of my dolls...I feel sorry...orz|||

I combed a fur wig for the first time today and was really surprised with the outcome..I must do this more often...Oops...XD



I Dislike Men That Smoke!

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Lucky he's not really smoking here...XDDDDD
Last time I took photos for him was on Christmas day, and this time...Good Friday...Should I take more photosof him on Easter Monday? XDDDDD
Today is very cloudy...



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A few very old photos, taken in March last year...
He's been with me for more than a year now...It's my great pleasure to adopt him from...
I have just realised that he doesn't have a box opening picture..well many of my dolls don't, so doesn't matter too much.XD
Honestly, I was very surprised, or actually, a bit disappointed when I first saw him. He was so yellowed, and dirty. The back of his head got stained. That was the first time I saw a yellowed doll...He is from the 2005 batch and is my only second hand doll. I only have two Heaths that are actually from 2005, him and Southy. Southy is very new because he's never been played until I got him. I can't tell any yellowing on him and there was no colour difference at all when I put him on a brand new Genji body. However..this guy...haha...Otherwise, he's just perfect to me. I did not want to change any part of him. I want him to stay as the way he is. I decided to accept the fact that he's now mine. I felt very lucky that I got him...
There was a story when I tried to get a body for him too. Intially I wanted to get a Genji body for him (although he is now on an Alain body because of the colour difference, so I got an older SD17 body for him..), so I bought a fullset Genji. Unfortunately the doll was stuck at the Australian customs because they misread the declared amount "80,000 yen". They thought it was "AU $80,000" so they asked me for tax. AU $80,000...that's a LOT of money...honestly I've never ever seen that much of money so far...XDDDDD I had to fill out a form in order to get him back..It was a stressful experience because if I really had to pay the tax, even just according to the actual value, it would be a lot, too. In the end things got sorted out, the customs let him go, and did not ask me for money...phew~
He was on that Genji body in these pictures, the colour difference was simply..fantastic...(but even though he's on an Alain body now the colour difference is still huge...)
Maybe because he's second handed, I don't take care of his faceup when I dress him or put wigs on him...(I am very very careful with other dolls..Their faceup is done by my favourite artist and it's not easy for me to get a chance to commission her..><)
He's handsome from every angle. I have only taken photos of him for 5 times after his arrival..The second last time I was too into Ginon so was like..ignoring him...sorry..XD I should try to take more photos of him in the future...