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Thanks to miyuki for the prop microphone and the background cardboard...and farewell to my old headphone...

I don't like changing the colours of my photos because 1. I don't like to mess up the original colour of their faceups and 2. I'm very dumb at photoshop...but guess this time it is necessary...-x-

SE7EN - Girls
I suddenly miss this song sooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



My Bloody Valentine

Category : 发发/Raven
Tata Young - My Bloody Valentine

Heard this song last month. The MV is super cool! Something to do with a girl killed her lover and the lover's soul followed her...XD

Thought tomorrow is Valentine's Day so I recalled this song. Again of course if the theme is kinda mysterious Raven is the perfect model.XD

He's probably the most mysterious one in my family. That's why I'm so addicted to him. If he's a real man I'd reckon he must be the son of a human and a vampire.XD



My Beloved Vampire...(Daytime)

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I felt it's been a long time since I last played with my dolls properly...Seems like life is even busier after exams orz|||

I had a few ideas in mind but when I was actually about to use them, I felt tired, not motivated...Thought maybe just complete the vampire Raven photos...

All kinds of tiredness...exhausted...I want a proper holiday where there is no work at all...



My Beloved Vampire...(Nighttime)

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A bit unlucky yesterday...will still cause a lot of pain...

My beloved vampire's nighttime...

I shouldn't take dark photos anymore...



Better Together...

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"I'm back on the microphone."


Shoot I should get one more of the above bracelet...XD

A very sudden inspiration after I watched someone's MV when I was in New York...
Raven was my instant choice..Also gave me a chance to use this vest which remained unopened for over a year...