City of My Heart

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Jennifer Lopez - On The Floor ft. Pitbull

"City of My Heart" actually belongs to the name of Lil Eddie's album.
Recently I'm loving JLO's "On the Floor". Pitbull's rap is amazing!
I dislike going to nightclubs but love to listen to that sort of music. orz||| Once my high school friends were very surprised when they heard the songs I played on my car. They asked me "why not go to clubbing?" My answer was..."not interested...."
I love listening to such songs while driving, especially on freeways...

Ginon long time no see...
I changed his eyes again. The last pair made him look a bit fierce even though I love the colour very much..

This is my favourite style for guys: suit jacket + jeans + sneakers..simple but stylish.
I reckon Ginon may be the best model for this style.
Is he able to catch girls in the club if he's a real human?



School Uniform...

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I've been playing RPG like crazy these days and because something is going on I have no interest in my dolls...

My life as a student was end, but Ginon is always a student in my mind...




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The title explains everything...XDDDDDD

I gotta be studying I really have to, but I kinda got lazy in the very last minute. So just for curiosity, I tried the outfit that was received this morning on Ginon. He turned out too handsome that I felt guilty if I don't get my camera out...XDDDDD Very messy, quick and meaningless shots I couldn't hold very long...Imaging standing on your pillows and take photos of your dolls?XDDDDDDDD

The vest is what I wanted the most. I've been dreaming for a slim fit vest for my boys for a long time.

He's back the handsome Ginon's back, or he has always been there but I was just a bit too numb...

Thought he kinda reminds me of Arthur here?XDDDDDDDD



Hi Ginon

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My mood's been going up and down these days..Overall it's gradually getting better which is good...

A lot of unpleasant things happened last night..I questioned myself a lot and only got one answer...The reality is no matter what I am doing it is my choice and I gotta keep on with it...

Some quick shots of Ginon..Please be darker...hehe...
...Again I fall in love with you like never before...emo_001.gif

It was nice and warm this arvo...



Old Ginon Photos...

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I love his eyes, firm and determined...like there is no way to escape from him...


Life in New York is quite lonely because of the time difference, to some extent...It's often late night or early in the morning while it's still afternoon or evening here, so my friends are usually not available to chat. I still keep the Aus EST on my netbook otherwise I'll be very confused.
Loneliness might be a good thing to calm me down..The busy life is also useful to distract me from thinking about some shit.

The city is great, but does not suit me. We are in midtown Manhattan..Times Square..Broadway..The 5th Avenue..Those names that once I was only able to hear from TV...The city is too busy with too many people. I kinda feel dizzy walking in the street...and it's always hot outside...

I miss Melbourne so much...I'm such a homely person...orz|||