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Been over four months since I last took photos of my dolls. Glad I can still do it.

Have thought about this for many times, but this hobby is really too beautiful to give up on.

I don't know when will be the next time I can touch them.




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I really really want to take some photos this Sunday. I really hope I can.

Work, hanging out with people, and other hobbies took up most of my time.

It's been a long time since I last took photos of my dolls properly.
At one stage I was actually thinking of selling them all, clothes, shoes, accessories, everything. Because I will never have the time to photograph all the things I bought, and I have to face the reality.
The reality is that I am on my own with no excuse to ask for help.
I am not doing very well this year, didn't buy many "unnecessary" things but run short financially all the time. This year I did not spend much on this hobby at all. On the other hand, I'm not very interested in it anymore, far less crazy as before.

I didn't sell them though, or maybe, I haven't.
I love them, love every single one of them that am reluctant to let them go at the moment. I have never sold my own dolls since I liked Heath. Each one of them is precious to me for the time, the effort and the $$ I spent on them.
I scrolled down the list but could not decide which one to let go. It's too hard for me at this stage.
If I ever sell my dolls I would wipe most of their faceups off, although they probably worth nothing without their faceups as I modded most of them...I know this sounds silly but I will feel uneasy to see them in other people's place with their existing "faces". Again it's because of all the effort I spent...Even those outfits and accessories I bought...I like them so much that I couldn't let them go...

If you stepped in too deep it's hard to get out.
Just like many things, goods, etc I bought many years ago. I should have sold them because I don't even look at them now, but whenever I look at them, I miss the old days that I used to love them...then couldn't sell again...= =;;;

Though no more new dolls, I still have the plan of getting one or two's faceups redone later.=w=

Indeed it's hard to get out...

Not now.


Happy Birthday Itachi 2012...

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Glad to see you back on stage in the past few months...though...you are leaving again soon...

The last serenade...

I still like this picture by kasumi-sama the best...^^



Almost halfway through 2012...

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Back yesterday. I skipped work today because I was too tired..so bad...

It was a really wonderful trip! Not just to Dolpa but the whole trip in Japan itself. 楽しかった!
I really liked the good manner of the Japanese, the good service and nice foods over there. The only thing I possibly don't like is the trains are often so packed...always made me dizzy...@_@
Thanks to miyuki who gave me a lot of advice, and the two friends who took me around and introduced a lot of good foods in Tokyo...Thank you guys so much!

Here are the photos I took at Dolpa 27...

Dolpa was a lot of fun! Got to see a lot of gorgeous dolls and so many other fun stuff.

Only few close friends knew so my trip was almost a secret. Before I decided to go I've already decided that my main purpose was for the dealers. I liked Shirou's face very much but am not a fan of his skin colour. I thought might as well try for him as I was going to the party anyway. If I can't get him on the spot I'll just let it be. I never like tan skin after all.

I didn't start my Dolpa Day very nicely...I missed the train, still arrived at the place earlier than my friends, but then I went to the wrong side of the exhibition centre...After I went back to the right side the line was already very long...I didn't have the luck of picking a good number either (I never have one.../___\), bit unlucky in this aspect but on the other hand I got the chance of lining up at to the dealer booths early where I spent most of my time at. And that is where I found most of the fun. I didn't go to Volks booth until 2.30pm. Bought a few wigs, took a few photos, I pretty much had nothing to do after 3pm. I still stayed for the activities till the end. My friends were very busy with their own business all the time...I helped them to look after their stuff while they were running around.
I didn't win any dolls, but bought stuff that I liked from the dealers, also took quite a few photos - it's good enough for me.><

A lot of the photos didn't turn up good. I'm very sorry.

velvet-paw sama's booth



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First time using kimono...very difficult to wear...Orz

Despite kimono is used here, Aoba has nothing to do with his mould name - the actual Date Masamune.

竹本健一 - 離れていても

Raining all day...

Thanks miyuki for the little umbrella.><